nyc half marathon { 3.19.13 }

19 Mar
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Sunday I ran in the NYC Half Marathon, that’s 13.1 miles for those who don’t know. I decided I wanted to run about 6 weeks ago after registration was full, the only way in was to join a charity’s team that hold spots for runners who commit to raising a certain amount of money for their organization. I signed up with the Organization for Autism Research and begged friends & family for donations.

So after 6 1/2 weeks of training, 117 miles run and $1,000 raised it was finally the morning of! The temps were freezing, somewhere below 30’s but I, along with 15,000 runners were ready to rock & roll! I intended to take the subway up to Central Park, on the way a fellow runner stopped his cab and yelled for me to jump in. Turns out he lives on my block and just thought it would be nice to offer a ride. We had about 45 minutes of standing around time before the run actually started…just enough time to lose all feeling in my hands and feet which I later regained about 2 miles in when my body finally started to warm up. The course began in Central Park with 1 full loop around the park, even at 7:30am in the freezing cold weather there were tons of spectators cheering us on. The first 6 miles were all in the park and went by surprisingly fast. The second half the course took us down 7th Avenue, through Times Square and across 42nd Street all the way to the west side. It was pretty spectacular to see Times Square this way, with the streets blocked off just for the runners. I made a porta potty pit stop on 42nd Street around mile 8…..let’s just say it must be nice to be a guy:) Okay, back to the course where we headed down the Southbound lane of the West Side Highway. I started to feel the run in my legs around mile 10 but knew the end was getting closer. We ran through the Battery Park Underpass and I vocalized my glee with a loud “Woo-Hooooo” and high-fived a cop on duty. At last I rounded the final turn, looked in the crowd for Joel, made my final sprint and did the classic cliché throw-your-arms-up-in-the-air-crossing-the-finish-line move…oh yes, that’s right, I went there!

Despite the colder than cold temps it was great fun – running through the city with the cheers, squeals and support of random New Yorkers is pretty awesome. I milked my accomplishment the rest of the afternoon and feasted on goldfish crackers, cool ranch doritos and ramen noodles.

I can’t wait for my next 1/2 marathon….in 4 weeks, fingers crossed for warmer weather!

nyc-half-marathon-final push

Rounding the bend

I can see the finish line

I can see the finish line

Ohhh, a medal!

Ohhh, a medal!

Yah, it's done!

Yah, it’s done!


Finisher pose

Don't be fooled by the sun in my eyes, it was cold!

Don’t be fooled by the sun in my eyes, it was cold!

If you’re really interested you can check out my finish and see my arms in the air move in this video, gotta look really closely to catch me. I come in on the right side at 14:18 and am gone by 14:22…just look for the do-rag.

2013 NYC Half Marathon: Find Your Finish! | Video | 7online.


3 Responses to “nyc half marathon { 3.19.13 }”

  1. Jill Pendleton March 19, 2013 at 7:01 am #

    I thoroughly enjoyed your description of the run! (especially the “let’s just say it must be nice to be a man” comment) Great pics too! CONGRATS!!

  2. Audra March 24, 2013 at 6:56 pm #

    CONGRATS again!!! I watched the video like 5 times and still couldn’t see you but it’s blurry on my computer….but SO SO happy for you and impressed!!!

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