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Women Supporting Women { 12.23.13 }

23 Dec

Two weeks ago I hosted the last Women Supporting Women party of the year and thus fulfilled my 2013 New Year’s Resolution.

It’s always hard getting folks together around the holidays so extra thanks to everyone who squeezed this in amid the holiday madness. It was a fun night where we chatted weddings, pet behaviors with our resident vet and best of all weird (or welcomed in some cases) masseuse experiences. The whole reason behind the night of course was to raise money for a good cause. We got over $400 for Sanctuary for Families. Sanctuary for Families provides domestic violence victims, sex trafficking victims and their children with a range of services. With nine office and shelter locations in NYC they provide women with clinical services (counseling), legal services, shelter refuge (crisis shelters and transitional shelters), children’s programs, community outreach to raise awareness and empowerment programs. After learning about SFF I thought the goals and mission of their organization aligned with ours perfectly. Their program is doing a great service in reaching the women and their families affected by domestic violence. SFF seems to provide a comprehensive approach to helping these women to a path towards a brighter future.

My 2013 resolution was Women Supporting Women – specifically to have a group of women over 3 times this year, donate to charities doing something great for other women and enjoy ourselves in the process. This was the first year I made a resolution, stuck to it and saw it through to the end. Special thanks to the ladies who supported this and helped me with my resolution.


Women Supporting Women : Sadie Nash Leadership Project { 6.5.13 }

5 Jun

The other week I held the second Women Supporting Women gathering of the year. I was really excited to get everyone together again after having such a blast the first time around. This time did not disappoint either! A small group of us dished on family dynamics, celebrity encounters, job woes, office etiquette (we all agreed it was inappropriate to walk around without shoes at a new job) and embarrassing college stories. With thanks to Andrea who steered the conversation to why we were there in first place, we chatted about our organization du jour, the Sadie Nash Leadership Project and the positive impact it’s having on the young women’s lives the program is reaching. Turns out Tanya had participated in leadership camps herself as a young girl and I can attest to the leader she is today (she runs her own arts program for elementary students and leads them into excellence).

Sadie Nash Leadership Project is a leadership training academy for young women in NYC ages 14-21 with priority given to those attending public high schools. Participants are engaged in various programs (year long after school program; 6-week summer program; 9-month leadership training, and more) – all programs focus on building leadership skills to empower young women to be agents for social change. Several programs place young women at organizations of their interest where they serve as volunteers and leaders, enabling “Nashers” to give back to their communities. All programs are free to the participants with some even offering paid work for the young women working at an organization of their interest. SNLP just celebrated their 10th Anniversary last year and this year they hope to serve almost 500 low-income girls – our donation will go towards direct program costs with a portion going to the women themselves in the form of stipends, internships pay and fellowships!

Thanks Massoumeh for a great suggestion and  to everyone who came over and sent donations, including those who mailed in checks that weren’t available that evening. The next and last soiree for the year will be in September, you don’t want to miss it!

* Women Supporting Women is a newly-formed group of New York City women dedicated to enriching, improving and empowering the lives of other women. Our intention is to get together socially three times a year, select an organization we feel is making an impact on girls’ and women’s lives, and make personal donations to that organization. *

Women Supporting Women { 2.6.13 }

6 Feb
Women Supporting Women - January Party

Women Supporting Women – January Party

I don’t really do New Year’s resolutions per se, just seems like a recipe for failure. In years past I’ve pretended to get on the resolution band-wagon and told myself I’d drop a few pounds, stop eating ice cream, start volunteering more. Frankly though I don’t really care that much about dropping a few pounds (I’m too lazy) and I really don’t care about not eating ice cream (I love ice cream so why would I want to never eat it again). But the desire to contribute more to my community continues to stay with me. I celebrated the end of 2012 with family and friends while others weren’t as fortunate. After reflecting on life’s blessings I resolved to put my desire into action finally. And with that, I bring you Women Supporting Women.

Women Supporting Women is a group of women I invited to join me in my outreach efforts. I know people want to do more, but life gets in the way and volunteer commitments can be hard to make & keep; people have lives, children, work, and it can be challenging to add something else to the calendar. I will host a cocktail party 3 times this year – more specifically, a “fund-raising-cocktail-party”. Prior to each party I will have done research on organizations I think are making an impact in girls’ & women’s lives and selected one organization for all the guests to make a personal donation. A check to that particular organization is the secret code, if you will, to attend the party. The party itself is simply the social method of bringing women together while tapping into their natural philanthropic and giving selves.

I held the first party the other week and was very pleased with the success. I admittedly was nervous about hosting a night where not everyone knew each other and in my small apartment…what if no one showed up? what if no one liked each other? what if they were expecting a wild, crazy night with a lavish spread of fancy food? would crockpot meatballs even count as fancy? Turns out there was nothing to be nervous about. A great group of ladies came over and we all chatted like old friends and we raised $600 for Girls on the Run.

Girls on the Run is a motivational running program to inspire, educate and empower girls aged 8 – 13 years old. With locations nationwide they meet twice a week in small teams for a 12-week program and teach life skills through conversation-based lessons and running games. Running is used to inspire and motivate girls, encourage life long health and fitness and build confidence through accomplishment. At the end of the program each girl completes a 5k running event, giving them a true sense of achievement and setting the framework for achieving life goals. Their mission is to inspire girls to be joyful, healthful and confident. Personally, I love the idea of starting young girls on a road to success and empowerment in their formative years; helping set them on the right path from the start. As a runner myself I can attest to how running makes me feel; I’m more productive, positive and healthy when I stick to a running program and the feeling of accomplishment at the end of a run is like none other.

Dana tells us about Girls on the Run

Thank you to everyone for coming out, donating and making the first party a success. A special thanks to those who couldn’t make it and sent me checks. I’m already looking forward to the party in May!

My 2013 goal for Women Supporting Women is simple: host 3 fundraising parties in January (check!), May and September.


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