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kitchen: counter { 11.21.13 }

21 Nov

What’s that you say — a crisp, clean new, countertop. BOOM! IMG_4126 IMG_4127 IMG_4128

The faucet won’t really look like it’s broken and falling into the sink, still needs to be installed!

IMG_4129 IMG_4130Plus – a cutie little cookbook nook!IMG_4120



kitchen: installation { 11.12.13 }

12 Nov

This room actually looks like a real kitchen now. Here’s how it looks after 5 days of building & installation, thankfully not done by us! Now just need a counter, sink and backsplash, getting close!IMG_4011 IMG_4016 IMG_4017 IMG_4018 IMG_4006 IMG_4007 IMG_4009 IMG_4010 IMG_4012 IMG_4014 IMG_4015 IMG_4019 IMG_4020 IMG_4022

kitchen: demolition { 10.25.13 }

25 Oct

Joel’s been working fast and furiously on Operation Kitchen Demolition for the past few weeks to get it ready for the installation that starts on MONDAY!

Started with tearing out the cabinets.IMG_5013 IMG_6470

No more stove top.IMG_5420-3

No more clunky dishwasher that didn’t work anyway.IMG_3016

No more oven on the wall.IMG_9192

And look who we found…a prehistoric mouse. Gross!IMG_9932

Just the sink left standing…IMG_4025

But not for long! Now just gobs of contractor bags filled with cabinets broken down “shawshank-style”.IMG_4074

No more white tiles but found a decent wood floor underneath.IMG_8409

Well, almost decent.IMG_4215

Decided to cover that up and go with a grey tile. But first, the green stuff goes down.IMG_4294

And then the green stuff gets a coat of the white stuff.IMG_4291

Then a trip to Jersey City Lowe’s for the tile purchase. Someone sure is happy to be at a huge, massive Lowe’s pushing around 80 square feet of tile and looking for other cool stuff!IMG_3907

Fresh coat of white paint for the room.IMG_0041-2

And then the new tile starts to go down!IMG_5062 IMG_4314 IMG_4349 IMG_4369

New plumbing and gas that Joel just loved. #renovationpornIMG_1337-2IMG_9870

IKEA delivered about 150 boxes the other day so we’re just about ready to get those suckers built and installed – all happening next week, not by either one of us (thank the lord!).IMG_3934 IMG_3935

set the date, set the date! { 8.28.13 }

28 Aug

There’s a scene in Sex and the City where Charlotte York, totally exasperated with her fiancé Harry’s reluctance to confirm their wedding date, loses it and maniacally screams at him to: “Set the date, SET. THE. DATE“. That 30 seconds of TV history pretty much sums up how I’ve been feeling about the kitchen renovation project. Said kitchen has been emptied out and relocated to our bedroom since, oh ya know, MARCH. Not one to really let things go or linger longer than I think they have to, I’ve been in a perpetual state of wanting to get ‘er done! Note that I said longer than I think they have to, so I’ll point out that I haven’t the first clue of how involved the overall process is/was (there Joel, I admitted it). Now, I’m not saying we’ve been sitting around being lazy bums since March, just the opposite. Joel’s been quite busy but that doesn’t change the fact that when I turn on the AC I have to reach behind a spring-form pan to access the darn thing. So it’s with much glee that I get to say we finally SET THE DATE! The cabinets, sink and countertop are already purchased from Ikea and the installation date is SET for the end of October.

Seems like we’ll have a new kitchen just in time for Holiday entertaining:)

kitchen : removing the stuff { 3.27.13 }

27 Mar

I mentioned yesterday we are beginning the kitchen project. I spent the weekend removing the contents of the kitchen – food, plates, glasses, appliances, everything, cabinet fronts, etc – in preparation for the demolition.

Turns out I’m pretty handy with a screwdriver!

kitchen-progress-removing-cabinet-fronts kitchen-progress-cabinet-fronts-on-floor

Empty, all gone…

kitchen-progress-empty-bottom-shelves kitchen-progress-empty-above-fridge

Soooo where did all that go….ALL OVER THE APARTMENT!

On the benches…kitchen-food-on-benches

Under the table…kitchen-under-table

Under the desk…kitchen-under-desk

On the dresser…kitchen-on-dresser

kitchen : before { 3.26.13 }

26 Mar

The kitchen renovation is slowly starting. First step was to take the before shots! Ahhh Step 1 was so easy….I have a feeling it’s going to get a lot harder from here. Alas, here’s the last time we’ll be seeing the kitchen looking like this.
kitchen-before-entrance-1 kitchen-before-entrance-2 kitchen-before-open-cabinet-side-1 kitchen-before-open-cabinet-side-2 kitchen-before-fridge-side-1 kitchen-before-fridge-side-2 kitchen-before-fridge-side-3-ovencu kitchen-before-reverse-overhead-1 kitchen-before-reverse-opencabinetcu kitche-before-reverse-overhead-2 kitchen-before-reverse-sink-cu kitchen-before-reverse-1

hey ikea, let’s dance! { 3.12.13 }

12 Mar

Joel and I have been talking about renovating the kitchen for about 2 years. Well, our oven baked its last pie and won’t turn on anymore so we’re finally starting to put all that talk into action. The current plan is to completely gut the kitchen and revamp with a different layout, fresh white cabinets and modern appliances. So….here we come Ikea, let’s do this! We went on what is sure to be the first of many trips to the superstore to pick out our favorite door styles.

Love this episode from 30 Rock when Liz Lemon and her boyfriend make their first trip to Ikea…we were determined to pass the Ikea test!

Top 3 styles: ADEL / LIDINGO // RAMSJO






Just practicing!


HELP ME, I’m stuck in Ikea!




Just a little fun on the water taxi!

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